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Becoming YOU2

with Victoria Fenton

Have you been asking for more clarity and support in becoming the version of yourself that feels ready to start living your best life? Here's your opportunity to step into your future selves shoes and feel supported as you lay the foundations for you to start living your dream life!

Victoria is a Reiki master and coach who holds a loving and nurturing space for individuals and groups to connect more deeply with their unique souls. She uses her varied skills in energetic healing, past life regression, hypnosis, coaching, mediumship and more to support you through every step of your YOU2 journey.

Becoming YOU2

Becoming YOU2

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"I did Becoming YOU2 with Victoria in January and loved it so much that I immediately signed up to Healing US2! The steps are well explained and achievable in order to implement permanent changes needed to get you to the life you want to live. And if you don’t know what that looks like, there are practical steps to help you figure that out in the first place, then to identify and remove the blocks that are keeping you from having it.


Victoria’s support was so encouraging and a real catalyst to the course being enjoyable and to my success in what I have achieved so far. I can honestly say that I am continuing to implement the daily practices and have found that at least half of what I wanted in my life is here and I know the rest is coming!" - Belinda

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