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Let go of stress and release any energy that isn't serving you with this 'Monday Meditation' activation. A guided healing meditation to come home to your own essence, through a process of energetic protection, cord cutting, and expanding your own unique light. Come home to your own magnificence. 

Duration: 34 Minutes

Price: $7

A guided meditation using hypnosis and energetic healing to support all aspects of your being. Meet your inner child in a safe space and offer them love, guidance and healing. Journey together to meet your future self and tune into the wisdom available to you both now. You are safe. You are loved. 


Duration: 28 Minutes

Price: $7

A daily prayer to money to deepen your relationship with abundance and invite more into every aspect of your life. 


Duration: 6 Minutes

Price: $3

A hypnosis journey to reprogram limiting sub conscious beliefs and tune into your innate worthiness. Supported by energetic healing and affirmations, this hypnosis session will remind you of just how worthy you are. You are so worthy of love, acceptance and everything that you desire now and always. Exactly as you are. 


Duration: 33 Minutes

Price: $7

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