Let's create magic together...

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this is where it all begins

Come a little closer and rest here with me. Slow down for a moment and breathe into your heart. Oh yes, you remember this feeling of home. Perhaps everything else fades away except for that glitter, that full bodied version of you who hears the whispers of your own soul. 


This is what I do.

I sit with you in your own sacred energetic space to help you remember how to live from this place. To feel into the magnificence of your higher self, to hear the whispers of the Divine and remember who you are in truth. Together we will journey through time and space to reclaim all that is yours. To reclaim those parts of you left behind due to contracts, limiting beliefs, or anything else that told you, you weren’t worthy of more. 


You are here to be ALL of you my love, and I would love nothing more than to support you every single step of the way. To be your cheerleader and connection to those parts of you that are ready to be seen and heard. To remind you of how divinely worthy you truly are! It’s time darling. It’s time to step into all of your magnificence. Are you ready?


Oh that flutter of your heart means YES! 

"Victoria came to me when I was having an ok time in life, and since our monthly sessions over the last 8 months or so, I have been having an incredibly phenomenal time in life!


The deep & beautiful healing that we do not only leaves me feeling good but has given me tangible and lasting real-world results.


She has enabled me to connect to my self, my potential and my purpose, leading to deeper relationships, more success working towards my degree and incredible financial growth for my business.


Every session brings more magic, I love her!"


- Belinda, 1:1 & Mystic Within client

(and epic supporter of everything I offer!)

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1:1 Pilgrimage of the Soul

If you are ready to activate the truth of who you are, but are not sure which step is next, then this one-on-one signature program is for you.


Custom designed, soul-led coaching & healing that incorporates all of my tools & insights to support you in all areas of your life...

Whether it's seeking support in your soul-led business, coming up against old patterns & beliefs that aren't serving you, or just looking for more magic in your life- we'll find the perfect pathway for you to be in true soul alignment.

Together we'll walk this holy path in sacred communion of your unique essence and that next level version of you wishing to be birthed into reality...


Victoria is an absolute gift. Her energy & presence is instantly calming and her healing abilities transformational.


Victoria receives such clear messages and is incredibly intuitive.

After just one session with Victoria I felt blissfully relaxed, deeply connected & totally rejuvenated. I can't wait for my next one!


A session with Victoria is now one of my most favourite gifts to give those closest to me. I cannot recommend her highly enough!!

-Michelle, 1:1 & Mystic Within client


Online Meditation Group

Come home to your soul-self weekly with intuitively guided meditations and energetic healing.


This series of Guided Meditations is a safe space for rest and restoration as you deepen your relationship with yourself and the world around you. Through these guided journeys, you are able to explore and make sense of your own wisdom, experiencing gratitude and self-love.


Classes are held every Wednesday at 7.30pm via Zoom and are only $10 per class.

Can't make it live? Book your place and you'll receive the recording!


*2x Scholarships available for Indigenous Australians (per 10 week block).

Please contact Victoria to apply.

"This fucking MAGICAL, RADIANT, DIVINE GODDESS does it again.

Meditations that will blow your mind and change your life.

Taking you deeper in healing and changing and letting go.

Victoria Fenton YOU ARE PURE MAGIC!"

-Kaitlyn, 1:1, Wolf Pack & Meditation client


A sacred space to activate your soul with the support of collective energy.

All of Victoria's courses are intuitively channeled. They are soul activating, expansive portals into aligning with your next level version!

Signature Courses

Victoria offers a fun and safe space to explore and open up to the different ways of connecting with the
mystic within.


I am happy to recommend her courses & one on one sessions!

- Richard, 1:1 & Mystic Within client