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1:1 Pilgrimage of the Soul

This one-on-one signature program is for the light keepers of this world. Those who feel the sacred calling to shine their light and support others to do the same. Those who desire to be activated in a way which ignites the evolution of your soul as an offering for humanity.


This is Custom designed, soul-led coaching & healing that incorporates all of my tools & insights to support you across all areas of your life...

Whether it's seeking support in your soul-led business, coming up against old patterns & beliefs that aren't serving you, or just looking for more magic in your life- we'll find the perfect pathway for you to be activated in true soul alignment.

Together we'll walk this holy path in sacred communion of your unique essence and that next level version of you wishing to be birthed into reality...

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this is where it all begins

We all have direct access to the Divine, the potential to live through our intuition and the capacity to see the magic in EVERYthing!

I’m interested in opening the portal to potential.

To being part of a collective rising- where the mundane becomes magic, where everyday life becomes a work of art in advanced reality creation, where women across the globe gather to heal themselves and their lineages.

I am dedicated to being a mirror for you to see the world and EVERY experience through the eyes of love.

I honour the sanctity of life and your YES to being here at this time. And I commit to amplifying your inner Mystic, for your empowerment to pulse through the earth and create ripples further than you could imagine.

I sit in ceremony with lightworkers, grid workers, sovereign leaders and fairy queens; those who do it in big ways and those who quietly offer their love into the world. I offer my wisdom and the wisdom of your soul, spirit guides and the aspects of you that intentionally placed across time and space. I offer an alignment that continues to click into place long after we have parted ways.

We are all on our individual pilgrimage of light, and I would love nothing more than to walk with you a while and offer you a cool drink from the wellspring of my heart.

I offer my love and support through Masterclasses, Soul Journey Meditations, Retreats and 1:1 Soul Alchemy Sessions. I’ve named these Pilgrimage of the Soul, as a sacred journey to the evolution of YOU. There is no final destination but an ever evolving unfurling of all that you are.


May you feel this activation taking place throughout your physical and energetic bodies now. The Mystic Within nodding her sage head in agreement with your soul’s evolution, whispering her next steps with reverence.

It’s time to awaken more fully my love.


It’s time.

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Online Meditation Group

Come home to your soul-self weekly with intuitively guided meditations and energetic healing.


This series of Guided Meditations is a safe space for rest and restoration as you deepen your relationship with yourself and the world around you. Through these guided journeys, you are able to explore and make sense of your own wisdom, experiencing gratitude and self-love.


Classes are held every Wednesday at 7.30pm via Zoom and are only $10 per class.

Can't make it live? Book your place and you'll receive the recording!

Thanks for your patience... Meditations will be back soon

"This fucking MAGICAL, RADIANT, DIVINE GODDESS does it again.

Meditations that will blow your mind and change your life.

Taking you deeper in healing and changing and letting go.

Victoria Fenton YOU ARE PURE MAGIC!"


Mentor, Author & Creator of Little Big Truths


1:1, Wolf Pack & Meditation client


A sacred space to activate your soul with the support of collective energy.

All of Victoria's courses are intuitively channeled. They are soul activating, expansive portals into aligning with your next level version!

Signature Courses


Victoria offers a fun and safe space to explore and open up to the different ways of connecting with the
mystic within.


I am happy to recommend her courses & one on one sessions!


CEO of Incension Quantum Frequency & Human Optimisation Technology


1:1 & Mystic Within client

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