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Visibility- How do you feel about being seen?

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Today I come to you from my inner dialogue about visibility. I've been mulling over the idea that in order to live the destiny that your soul said YES to, or to create an impact in the world, there needs to be a certain level of visibility. And this visibility must come with feeling completely comfortable to be seen as ALL of you.

Here we are again. One of my core messages:

Shining your unique light.

It's in the shining of this light that we are reminded of our sense of worthiness. That we can trust we are whole and complete and that the world needs us here.

But, how does visibility support this?

Visibility creates a sense of magnetism. It creates the ability to attract people and opportunities into your life. It supports us in running a successful business, finding a romantic partner, using our voice to advocate for our beliefs, showing up in our studies or work, deepening our bonds of friendship, being remembered for job or collaboration opportunities and so much more. This magnetism attracts the outcomes we desire because we are willing to be noticed. Because we are saying YES to offer our unique frequency in order to attract the frequencies we desire.

And so, let's play with the idea that for us to be truly successful we need to be okay with being seen (+ heard). 

I get that this comes with many layers of beliefs, healing, and more. We're onions right- and this awakening journey often uncovers different layers of the same core issues/growth potentials. As each layer unfolds it provides us with another opportunity to step more powerfully into our authenticity and to show up in our integrity (to ourselves and our values).

But this also comes with the reminder that we are here to be seen as ALL of us. Not just the pieces we want others to see, or those parts that we deem worthy- ALL of it. And it is in this FULL expression that we are able to offer our unique light into the world. 

The essence that is us. That YOU shaped hole in the Universe (read: multiverse) that is waiting to be filled with all of your radiance. 

It's time to take off the masks, to stop listening to those shadows that tell us we're too much or not enough. To say "no more" to the part of us that is still dimming our own light to make others more comfortable, or worse still, to make ourselves "comfortable". You're not truly comfortable in that space my love, it's a false sense of safety. A slow closing down of all you are, all you came here to be.

It's time to shine even more brightly beloved.


And so I ask...

Where in your life aren't you showing up in your full radiance? 

What are the beliefs that underpin this?

And if you were living your dream life, how would you show up every day? (How would you feel, act, think, communicate).


Everything in this world is created twice. Every single idea, invention, life experience is first created as a thought. In order to shift our realities we must first shift our thoughts.

I invite you today to play with the idea of feeling confident in being seen. Of trusting that you are safe. Of embodying your truly successful self and witnessing how they show up in the world. And the more that you practice this, the more it becomes your new reality. The reality of feeling whole and complete and comfortable in showing up as ALL of you. The you who is impacting the world, or your own environment, at a larger scale because you are choosing to be visible, to use your voice, to show up. 

I'm so proud of you for continuing to take this journey and unravel the layers of conditioning. I'm so proud of your dedication to shining your light beloved. 

With my love and "visible" voice in this post,


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