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Trusting your Intuition

When we are connected to our intuition, life becomes easier and the answers we seek flow effortlessly. This intuitive intelligence is what connects us to our truth, higher wisdom and inner guidance.

Everyone has epic intuition (EVERY ONE!). But over the years we have all been taught to put our trust in something or someone outside of ourselves. Unfortunately, it's the human condition and if we haven’t reconnected with ourselves, it can be hard to trust without questioning whether we are making it up, or second guessing ourselves.

This is where a trusting relationship is required between ourselves and our own innate knowing..

A simple practice to build this relationship (and increase your intuitive intelligence) is to live in integrity with self and follow through on all inspiration as soon as possible…

What do I mean by living in integrity?

In really basic terms: When you say you’re going to do something- do it. As my mum would say, “Your word is your lore”. When you show yourself again and again that you will always follow through with what you say, you build deep trust within yourself. A trusting environment makes it easier for all parts of yourself to show up.

To continue building that trust, you have to listen to the voice within you that offers ideas or inspiration… and follow through!

When you get an idea to go somewhere, go there. When you ask yourself a question and receive an answer, make sure you give yourself exactly what your soul asked for! When you think about calling someone, call them (usually there’s a reason you’re being prompted to connect). This can show up in a myriad of ways, but ultimately it’s about building your “trust muscle” through inspired action.

When you follow through on your word, or your ‘ideas’ your soul believes that it can trust you and slowly begins to offer more. When we trust ourselves, it’s easier to hear the guidance coming through.

Sure, there will still be moments of second guessing yourself (or re-questioning when you get an answer you don’t like) but that’s why we continue to take action on the intuitive hits.. it provides confirmation for what you are receiving. It builds a relationship with your intuition.

Your intuition is a sacred part of yourself that wants to help you in everything. Life is so much easier when we have our own internal wisdom supporting us. Let your intuition guide you my love.

And if you’d like support in building this relationship, I’d love to offer my wisdom and personal experience with the Deva of my own intuition.

I love you.

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