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Trusting in the Divine Plan- How Can We Make It Simple?

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

The Universe is consistently providing us with lessons and trying to support us in living our best lives. It’s a powerful force that is always moving and filtering our experiences to generate the perfect playing ground for our growth and expansion. However, in order for us to fully receive these beautiful gifts for what they are, there is an element of having to surrender and let go of our attachment. Our attachment to circumstances, our attachment to the outcome, and god forbid our attachment to our own plan. Ahhh surrender.. it can be a funny thing and something that can at times feel difficult to achieve, especially as it all comes down to trust.

We often hear these sayings about how we need to trust in the Universe, in the Divine Plan.. but for most of us it’s easier said than done. Like many, I have been given insurmountable opportunities to trust in the Divine Plan and, more often than not, I'm torn. There’s half of me that understands the truth in this and the other half that reverts back to my 2 year old self; throwing my hands up in a tantrum, digging my heels in and pleading that I know better. However in the end I’m lovingly, sometimes harshly, shown that in this version of reality I definitely don’t know better. I have an idea of what could support me but ultimately I don’t have the blueprint, the foresight nor the alignment of all the other circumstances to ensure my own success. And when I let the Universe lead this dance, everything flows with far more ease and grace.

It’s easy to sway in between our need for pushing and striving, and the sometimes outlandish concept of letting go to trust in divine alignment. We’ve all been here right?! Deep down our hearts know that everything will work out, yet this tiny (sometimes booming) voice tells us that we need to do more to prepare; that if we’re not moving or planning everything will fall apart and we won’t get the outcome we desire. This is true, you probably won’t get the outcome you desire, but you may actually get the outcome that desires you! If we stop and listen to that voice within there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll begin to receive the next steps; key elements falling into place to ensure that you truly are successful. Perhaps it may even become joyous to receive your lessons and learnings, and I’m going to go all out with this comment- perhaps choosing to trust in everything that you’re given is an opportunity to reach a heightened level of awareness, of living from the heart space. And isn’t that why we’re really here? To grow, to expand, to enrich our lives in more ways than our human mind could perceive? (That’s a “fuck yes” from me!)

So perhaps the Universe really does have it right. Maybe we should let go and trust a little more? But in order to do so we need to ask the ultimate question;

How can I feel more aligned to trust in the Divine?

This is a great question to ask yourself, to see what comes up for you! Is it scary or exciting to begin feeling into this? What past experiences create a filter over your ability to trust? Is there any healing that needs to take place in order to create safety around letting go?

We can begin to take small steps to help us in this process. It could be creating a safe space to begin listening to your heart murmurs through meditation, mindfulness or yoga. Your answer may be to begin trusting in your intuition; playing the left or right game where you go for a walk and see what magic will unfold just by listening to your heart's internal compass. Listen in to how you can begin to trust in the Universe. And if you’re still not sure how to begin to feel more aligned with the Divine, perhaps you can try some of the things that work for me...


Some of my hot tips for getting in the flow

For me it’s always nice to receive beautiful reminders that everything is working out. This builds up my trust muscle and makes it a little easier to let go. Oracle cards definitely help me with that! I have one card in particular, from the Wild Kuan Yin oracle deck by Alana Fairchild, that always reminds me I am safe and held. If you’ve ever received the Safe to Fall card you know exactly what I mean!

“Fear of falling may prevent you from truly surrendering into my care. Yet if you were to realise that it is safe to fall, my net of divine grace will catch you as you step beyond the edge of what you have known. I urge you to believe in what is calling you to take such a step! I tell you now, my wild sweet beloved, the call is from me, urging you to open up to a bigger world now. Trust me and relinquish logic and control. I will not fail you.”

When living from a state of gratitude we create an environment where we are able to recognise all of the gifts that are already around us. Try using gratitude to remember all of the ways that the Universe has previously shown you that you’re supported!! When we are living in gratitude our fear finds it very difficult to tell us that we’re unsafe and, instead of listening to those untruths, we are able to tap into the Divine with more ease. Try starting off with a gratitude journal and listing 10 things that you’re grateful for each day. You can also join the Gratitude Movement (via the Attitude of Gratitude Facebook page) for tips and inspiration.

Taking moments to breathe and be in your heart space is also another perfect way to remember that everything is more than okay. When I find that I’m spending way too much time up in my head, overthinking, planning, replaying and analysing, then it’s a simple reminder to step back into my heart.

Click on the link below to receive your free heart connection meditation...

And finally it’s about hearing this message- everything is going to be okay. In fact, it will be better than just okay! You are an infinite being and the Universe wants nothing more than to see you succeed. Like the loving mother, watching her baby grow, she will guide you on your journey and give you the space to learn what you need to know (always hovering on the edges just in case she’s needed). If you need support, just ask. Try trusting in something far greater than yourself. You are so worthy of the love that surrounds you and you are truly held in this journey.

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