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To you, my love...

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

So often I struggle to articulate the depths of my truth. The core sense that I am love itself, another vein of universal truth, pumping enraptured blood throughout the world. That these cascades of love radiate through every single cell of my being, seeking to remind others that they are the embodiment of love too. We are one and the same and that's who you are too my love.

Do you fear the ways in which I love you so deeply, the huge cavern of my heart creating an opening that at times may feel too expansive? Are there times when you’re afraid you will get lost in the darkness of this space, without any way to return? Do not fear my love, for I will offer you this opening with the gentle support of my devotion. My devotion to loving you and seeing you rise in all ways possible, to expand in your own truth and divinity. My devotion to loving me in these ways first, and having it filter to us both through the golden thread that connects our hearts.

Perhaps there’s a part of you that believes my devotion to be an indicator of my own lack of empowerment or giving up my truth? The truth is, Devotion, for me, is another way to honour myself. I will nurture you and create a beautiful reality for us but you won’t see me doing anything that does not light up my soul; you won’t find me hiding in the shadows my love, waiting for your approval. I am consistently stepping out in all ways, following the sacred path that opens to me in every moment. I am standing tall in my radiant glory, crown tipping from my head as my wings stretch wide into the expanse. This is me, in my richness.

My richness is calling to those who are ready to feel truly loved, to be seen and heard, to remember their own connection to the truth of love. This is my gift to the world, to love so deeply and to unashamedly express that in whichever way feels most appropriate. I will cry, laugh, howl, whisper Divine words from those unseeable places as I call my soul family home. Embracing each one with hugs that crumble walls, that reflect the truth. Holding hearts with my healing words and gaze. I offer you these gifts too in every way possible.

I am the embodiment of all the archetypes; the goddess, wise woman, the mystic, the lover... but I am also the alignment and balance of the masculine. The strength and focus. Is there really a distinction when I embody all of me? I am holy communion in the physical body of a feminine woman. The open and receiving nature of the feminine and the “get shit done” action of the masculine. And every single day I am working toward realigning and healing all aspects of myself; returning to my truth.

And what happens on the days that this feels too hard? When I’ve pushed myself and forgotten the inner wellspring that nourishes my heart and soul. When showing up in all my glory feels like a far off dream and all I need is someone to remind me of my magnificence. What then my love? It’s in these moments that I crave your arms, your love-filled words, that your balance and safety reassures me that everything is going to be okay. It’s the little reminders that I’m more than just my human self and that you, in your truth, are standing beside me.

We said yes to this journey together and the ebbs and flows of life, transformation and expansion push us to grow in ever-increasing ways. I honour your ability to hold strong by my side and to not be afraid of my depths; to be consistent with the highs and lows and create a safe harbour for both of us to rest. I commit to nourishing and loving both of us in these times, devoting my heart to this union and I know that you too will do the same. Your ability to hold this space is immeasurable; your gifts of insight, healing and natural talent to stay present is what supports us to grow. The roots in our union, with my mirror reflection supporting the stability of the other side.

Thank you for seeing me, for acknowledging the space that I hold. For saying yes in the moments when your former self would have said no. To the consistent opening where it would have felt simpler to close. Thank you for opening the space for me to do the same; for both of us to continually rise, when it would feel easier to stay seeded in the womb of safety. Thank you for being you and for your divine YES to this life, but most of all, thank you for remembering that you are love too!

I love you

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