To you, my love...

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

So often I struggle to articulate the depths of my truth. The core sense that I am love itself, another vein of universal truth, pumping enraptured blood throughout the world. That these cascades of love radiate through every single cell of my being, seeking to remind others that they are the embodiment of love too. We are one and the same and that's who you are too my love.

Do you fear the ways in which I love you so deeply, the huge cavern of my heart creating an opening that at times may feel too expansive? Are there times when you’re afraid you will get lost in the darkness of this space, without any way to return? Do not fear my love, for I will offer you this opening with the gentle support of my devotion. My devotion to loving you and seeing you rise in all ways possible, to expand in your own truth and divinity. My devotion to loving me in these ways first, and having it filter to us both through the golden thread that connects our hearts.