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Know your Worth & Call In Abundance- It's Time!

Dear Business Owners, Creators, Artists, YOU2,

It’s time to know your worth and be open to abundance. It’s time to recognise how unique and special you are in this world and to fully embody it.

Take a moment NOW to make a list of all of your gifts. Great! Now add a few more and keep coming back to this list and adding to it as we continue.

Have you ever felt a sense of unworthiness? Do you hold a limited view of your offerings or compare yourself with others? Or do you hold the belief system that you should help others without receiving in return?

I believe we’ve all felt a version of this at some point and I’m here to remind you that you have something unique to offer to this world that no one else can bring. It’s your essence, smile, the tone of your voice, your vision.... enter your unique qualities here... that is so truly needed at this time and the world has been waiting for you to embody this on a larger scale. It's time.

How can we truly offer our gifts if we aren’t supplied for?

For many of us this sense of unworthiness shows up in how we structure our prices. Are you receiving adequate recompense for your time and energy? Has your self worth told you that you aren’t worthy of receiving more for your offerings? Or do you over give when it comes to your services?

Do you want to do good in the world? Perfect! We can do so much MORE good in the world when we support ourselves and our businesses. Do you heal- mentor- cook- paint- write- design for the love of it.. well good! But it’s also time to start receiving MORE.

It's time to look at your prices and ask yourself if these are a vibrational match for you now.

Ask yourself these questions...

- What do I desire?

- How would financial abundance support me in my offerings?

- What am I currently charging and how much money would I like to make?

To get clear on your prices you need to be a vibrational match for them... If there is resistance to receiving a certain figure then energetically you'll repel this money from coming in. Find a figure that feels like it’s right on the edge of what you’re able to receive and expand into it. You'll know by the way your heart and body feels when you imagine receiving this sum. You want to feel excited (maybe there's some nervousness) but the main feeling is open as opposed to contracted. This is a worthiness game and I'm here, in this moment, to tell you that you are worthy of so much MORE than your mind can conceive! You were born to be abundant.

If you wish to give away your offerings that's awesome, but it has to be in alignment for you to do so, not just because you don't think your offering is worth something in return. It is definitely worthy!!

Have a specific method for gifting your services eg: free yoga/ meditation/ information a month (or by donation and give part proceeds to a charity), a social media giveaway, a charity gift or offering. But ensure that you also find a way to receive a balanced return.

My favourite technique of gifting is that I wait for Spirit to tell me who needs my services- and I offer a healing in that moment. I am able to do this because I am in alignment... Because I said yes to earning an income from doing what I love and I continue to to say YES to honouring my needs and my worth by creating balance in my abundant flow.

The flow of abundance is cyclic, just like the moon cycle, seasons and nature, and is dependent on a healthy balance of giving and receiving. If we are stuck in only giving then we break the balance and we wear out our energy.

So offer your gifts to the world when inspiration hits but also consider the possibility of receiving a fair exchange for your time and energy. You are so worthy of receiving my love. You ARE guac baby! 🥑😉


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