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How do YOU find your Centre?

I’ve been pondering this recently, as I question my own ability to connect with my truth as a priority. Above and beyond anything else in my life.

Who am I, what am I feeling in this moment, what do I desire and if it were my choice right now what would I choose?

How often do you spend connecting with yourself?

Is it caught moments in between work, to-do lists, partnership, perhaps Children and the many other people and situations that occur in our lives?

There’s a momentum that can be built in the energy of others, in the rush of the day as it seems to carry us along. Before we know it another day is over or we’ve ended up in a life that perhaps we may not have chosen for ourselves.

Do you reflect at the end of your day? Do you question what you liked/didn’t like? What you accomplished and how you feel? Do you come home to self at the end of the day?

And for that matter- do you start your day with yourself? Taking the time to check in and feel your unique essence?

Or is it an alarm, social media, your partner or kids, your anxieties or to do list that take first priority?


As I reflect on all of these questions it has me think about my own priorities and the spaces and places in my life where I have allowed the momentum of someone else, or even my own well-worn patterns to lead the way.

There’s no shame, blame or guilt here- just a curiosity. Was there a theme in these moments? A consistent pattern that showed up when I put something else before myself?

Sometimes it was excitement at sharing my life with another, sometimes it’s unconscious conditioning, sometimes it’s laziness or overwhelm that has me deferring to the endless lists of things outside of myself.

But what I recognise is that when I do come home to me, to my my heart, to my truth- life feels more in flow. It radiates with so much more love and there’s a deep soul remembering that I am sovereign and I have full dominion over my choices, my life.

Recently I’ve returned to my journaling practice after my morning meditation. It’s funny how often I make excuses not to do this practice, and yet it makes such a huge difference in my connection to self.

I’m gaining my own momentum in asking key questions of myself throughout the day- what do I want? How can I fill my cup? Am I excited by someone else’s energy or do I feel the excitement for myself in this? What is God asking of me?

That last one is an important piece for me, because I know that God (Goddess, Source, Universe, Love, The Divine) is a clear reflection of my true self. I feel my truth palpably in the energy of Divine Love and when I ask the question there is always an answer that is infused with this love.

And so I’d love to know,

What is it that YOU do to connect with yourself?

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