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Healing for the feminine lines

I often don’t write or talk about the profound healing work that is guided through me because well.. how do you put it into words?! But I’m going to try and do just that because it feels important to share about a beautiful ceremony that captured my heart and soul and impacted women across the world.

This post will not follow a linear path, but will be a collection of thoughts and memories holding the essence of this healing. May you feel some of this in your own soul as you read on...

Amidst my own healing journey of fire, rebirth and honouring the priestess within, I was asked by the Divine to hold sacred ceremony. This ceremony was laid out for me, but as I created the alter and called in my guides it became quite clear that it was so much more than a ceremony for my own healing.

our sacred healing alter

Star beings, animal totems, ancestors and loved ones all entered the space to support this work. The energy was palpable, as it often is, but I could hear the whispers of more. More sacredness, more power, more women stepping in beside me to receive this energy. I could feel the energy of collective healing bubbling up.

As often happens in collective healings, a huge influx of energy came in, along with the elements and 4 directions to ground and consecrate the healing. The star beings made their presence known and supported in a deep neurological reprogramming of the feminine ability to recognise their unique strength with more ease. For the feminine to deeply know their worth and purpose. A reprogramming of all that is true, in the eyes of the Divine, to be implanted into the minds and hearts of women everywhere.

As the ceremony was birthed through me, I drummed and danced my being into collective consciousness and I was taken through a journey of all women- wild woman, maiden, crone and ending in the mother archetype. Here we healed generations of mothers and women who felt guilt around birth. Whether it be in the form of creation energy or the birthing of children. There was pain and deep sorrow being released for the collective; racking sobs and howls of unspoken pain.

Healing trauma around the womb and vagina, the sexual reproductive system. And how we, as women, relate the two (or disassociate) during sexual experiences. A healing of bringing all elements together, neither one nor the other but a whole a complete aspect of all. A healing of the pain held as babies come and go and the births that never materialised. The projects and ideas that have not flourished.

Mothers milk was the theme and as it flowed through my being- and into into the cosmos like the Milky Way- it offered its nourishment to all. The reminder that amongst it all we have the ability to give life. That every woman received a part of this essence within them, whether the are able to produce milk or not. A gift of the gods.

During the ceremony, a calf even came onto the property to support the healing. I took this cute little photo afterwards...

It's hard to put into words the profound impact this healing created for myself and the women I've shared it with so far. But I want you to know that you have received it also. In the birthing of ideas, creativity, of children. In releasing guilt and pain that has been carried within your cellular memory. In embracing the feminine qualities of nurturing and nourishment. There are layers beyond time and space for this healing to take place in all realms and you are so worthy of activating that powerful remembering of your own inner strength. May you feel this activation within your being and know that it is done.

As a side note: I find that these collective healings are happening through me at a more frequent pace and they generally come through the feminine lines. A deep and profound healing for the feminine within all of us. When I was last in Kauai I was supported through an immense collective healing for the feminine around speaking her truth. I came out bruised and raspy but so f-ing grateful to feel my voice being heard across time and space. To trust that the same was unfolding for women all over.

And this is just a fragment of the collective healing that is continuously unfolding. We each play a very special part in the whole. When you heal, we all heal. Thank you for the work that you are doing, for the healing that is taking place for you right now. I am so truly grateful that we are all coming together for our greatest good!

I love you.

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