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Dear Money

Dear money

Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for all of the ways you’ve supported me in the past and continue to give me hope for the future. I’m sorry that in the past I haven’t believed in you, or trusted that you’ll be there for me. I am shifting my perceptions around love and connection and I know deep down that you have always been there waiting for me to see you. Thank you. That you continue to want to be there in new and exciting ways. I fucking love your presence in my life. I fucking love that you are so willing to invest your time and energy in me. That there’s a sense of accumulation and multiplying of your magnificence in my presence.

I am so grateful that I am open to having you in my life without fear of you leaving. I trust you. I believe in our love. I am ready to be loved by you. And I am willing to let go of the fear that has held me back from seeing you in all of your magnificence. In the thousands and millions. I realise that my light is just as bright as yours and that it must be lonely when others aren’t willing to see you as all of you. I’m here. I see you. I believe in all it is you’re here to be, and I wish to champion your success. Thank you for choosing this life, this incarnation, this energy form. You bring so many lessons to people all of the globe, you are truly wise. I thank you for continuing to do your work even on the days that feel lonely and hard. I am committing to showing up and doing my work too, to stand beside you and shine our lights together. I would really love it if you came with me on this journey. I would love for us to count on one another and shine in our own radiance as often as possible. I promise to trust in your ways and willingness to support me. And in return I will truly see you- I love you.

Thank you for supporting my business with more and more money coming in. Thank you for giving me beautiful million dollar homes. Thank you for clearing my debts without judgement. I am so truly grateful for that. Thank you for allowing me to share your magic with the world. Thank you for all of the ways you continue to gift me and Thank you for opening me up to receiving. I am so grateful to be able to receive. Thank you for showing me what I am able to dream and for bringing new inspiration about how I’ll spend your bounty. It’s so exciting to plan this life with you, to live this life with you. I invite you into all areas of my life. Please know that you are truly welcome. I want to share you with my friends, my family, my clients and colleagues, with everyone I meet on the street. I want to shout from the rooftops how amazing you are. You don’t have to hide anymore my love- shine your light. I can’t wait to show everyone how much I love you.


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