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Create MORE Magic with Gratitude

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between people who just get through the day and those who seem to be truly thriving? Well I’ll let you in on the (not so hidden) secret…

If you don't already have a daily gratitude practice, NOW is the time to start! The more we integrate gratitude into our everyday lives the more that will become our natural state of being. As the saying goes; "Where our attention goes, energy flows" and who doesn't want more reasons to be thankful?!

When we truly tap into the expression of being thankful it changes our emotional state, opens up the heart and allows a deeper connection to all that is. Physiologically, we can't feel any other emotional state (stress, anxiety, anger, overwhelm etc.) when we are focussed on the expression of gratitude. It also induces the Newtonian Law that like attracts like; the more gratitude we express in our lives, the more experiences we will receive that cause feelings of gratitude. Ultimately I know, the more grateful I am for all that I have and all that I'm calling in, the more magic unfolds in my life.

“To live in gratitude, to experience the magic in life, THANK YOU must become the two words you deliberately say and feel more than any other words. They need to become your identity. THANK YOU is the bridge from where you are now, to the life of your dreams”- Rhonda Byrne 

Everyone has a different way to share their gratitude, whether it be talking about the best parts of your day over dinner, writing your daily gratitude in your journal or if you’re like me and a number of my close friends you’ll be playing the “I fucking love..” game. (There’s something so satisfying about using expletives to enhance the amount of gratitude you feel 😂). There’s no right or wrong way to express your gratitude, it’s about tapping into what’s right for you and the feelings that come when you give thanks for what you have and what you’re calling in. What do you (fucking) love today?

My Daily Gratitude Practices:

  • Thank you is my favourite statement! I bless every gift, experience, life lesson and moment in time with gratitude. There are so many instances throughout my days where my immediate reaction to any occurrence, whether it be a smiling baby on the street, the universe lovingly saying "no" to my plans, the gifts of beauty in nature or the perfect carpark, is to say "thank you". The more we practice this, the easier it becomes!!

  • I play the I F-ing Love game with friends, and a lot of the time by myself. As I list all of the things that I love, it builds momentum and lifts me into higher and higher states of elevated emotions.

  • I give thanks for the things that are coming, for my dream life, that I already know is in the realm of possibility (The Quantum Field, as Dr Joe Dispenza would call it). This is done through a daily meditation practice where I Tune into New Potentials with Dr Joe.

  • Before I eat a meal, I bless the food and give thanks to mother Earth and all those who helped to create it, along with gratitude for how it will provide all of the nutrients my body needs. I usually take a moment to smell it as well, bringing all of my senses to the table and beginning an elevated state of gratitude before I've even taken my first mouthful. The tase and texture of my food is significantly more delicious when I do this, and I know that my body is receiving a blessing as I eat it!

  • I finish my day by trying to name the very BEST part of my day. In doing so, I run through a list of all of the incredible parts of my day and relive the emotional state of each one in order to determine which thing I'm MOST grateful for.

My Favourite Tool:

The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.

(This is a 28 day practical manual for how you can infuse gratitude into every single area of your life from finances & health to family relationships and work).

This book truly changed my life!

Until I read this book and began to infuse it's concepts into my world, I was living a mediocre life, feeling stressed and unhappy in my work, my self-belief and the state of my financial affairs. It wasn't until I began to recognise the powerful ability of being truly thankful for all that I have, that I was able to give thanks for my life and begin to shift these states from a place of love as opposed to resignation and overwhelm. I began to infuse magic into every single area of my life; sprinkling good will and blessings on those in my life as well as inviting in more of what I truly wanted by recognising the goodness of what I have. *Within this book you also learn easy to understand concepts of how you can use gratitude to manifest your desires!

Gratitude Tip: Try attaching a “because” to your gratitude. When we list reasons for WHY something makes us feel so thankful we can tap in more easily to this emotional state and elevate our sense of gratitude. Eg. I am truly grateful for my hands because they allow me to write, paint, express my emotions, drive my car, hold my glass of water, type these words, touch my loved ones, and send energetic healing.

The more you can feel the elevated feelings of gratitude in your being, the more impact this gratitude is going to have on your life. When we list, name or speak our gratitude, the best part is finding a deep sense of joy, love or appreciation for what they have brought you. You can visualise it, feel the reactions in your body or listen to the joy in your voice when you speak them out loud; and this will be different for everyone depending on if you’re predominately visual, kinaesthetic or auditory. Give it a try and see what magic unfolds…

Lastly, how can we share these feelings of gratitude with the world? Let’s collectively raise the vibration of all those around us and empower others to develop an attitude of gratitude too! Together we can create even MORE magic!!

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