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Victoria is a Reiki & Seichem Master as well as an intuitive coach who holds a loving and nurturing space for individuals and groups to connect more deeply with their unique souls. She uses her deep connection with Spirit to facilitate transformational healing in her sessions along with a number of healing modalities including, reiki, past life regression, hypnosis, coaching, pranic healing, health profiling and mediumship.

Victoria holds a non-judgemental and loving space, allowing others to remember their own truth and their deep connection to all-loving Source. She has the ability to see the lightness in all, to bring forward deep healing and reconnection to our truth. Each session is unique and tailored to the client to assist them in that moment in time.


When asked about her purpose in this life, Victoria's answer is simple..


 "I am here to hold space of love. It is in this space that people get to really know themselves and the most profound transformations take place."

What clients have to say...


Reiki & Seichem Master

Victoria is an absolute gift. Her energy & presence is instantly calming and her healing abilities transformational. Victoria receives such clear messages and is incredibly intuitive. After just one session with Victoria I felt blissfully relaxed, deeply connected & totally rejuvenated. A session with Victoria is one of my most favourite gifts to give those closest to me. I cannot recommend her highly enough!!


Naturopath & Remedial Masseuse

Victoria came to me when I was having an ok time in life, and since our monthly sessions over the last 8 months or so, I have been having an incredibly phenomenal time in life! The deep & beautiful healing that we do not only leaves me feeling good but has given me tangible and lasting real-world results. She has enabled me to connect to my self, my potential and my purpose, leading to deeper relationships, more success working towards my degree and incredible financial growth for my business. Every session brings more magic, I love her!

Renee S LeBeau

Accoustic Alchemist

Victoria has an amazing gift - she has the capacity to generate a field of love for you to step into.  From this space, she tunes into what spirit is wanting to share and assists you with the uncoiling of untruths, stuck energies and old patterns. Her insight is a finely tuned stream of wisdom through the lens of unconditional love. Her voice is soothing, nourishing and nurturing.  As a multi-dimensional practitioner, Victoria assisted me with shifting ancestral ties, archaic programs and agreements.  She is very effective at getting to the root of the issue and is committed to do so.   I highly recommend her energetic facilitation to anyone who is requiring additional support. 

A nudge from my intuition guided me towards Victoria's services a couple of weeks ago and wow, I'm forever grateful I listened! So much loving energy has entered my life in a short space of time, the first time we connected via zoom, there was this powerful loving healing energy!  Victoria is definitely a healer's healer, every session we go on a beautiful journey where you are blown away with the depth of her knowledge in this industry. Her connection with her guides is truly beautiful to experience, the information you receive is life-changing. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support and being part of my journey, looking forward to our next session. Much Love, Shonny


Reiki Master & Coach

Hear what heart centred transformational healer and coach Erin Kyna has to say...

"Victoria, you help me find the truth" - Erin Kyna
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Victoria possesses a natural reiki talent. She did a distance reiki session for me, I was in New Zealand and she was in her home town of Melbourne. She gave me a reading which was spot on. She helped me see my present moment in such an insightful and memorable way it instantly cleared my head of any negativity. Her positive vibes and overall love of life shone through in my reading as she guided me spiritually into the future. I am really thankful for her distance reiki session and I will definitely be getting another one some time soon. Thanks so much for helping me walk the love, light and truth of my heart. 



In every moment we have a choice to align with our truth and the parts of us that are ready to crack open and experience MORE. More truth, more love, more alignment. How committed are you to your own heart expansion? Are you willing to move through the depths to get there?
Of course you are dear heart! and I'm here to support you.
Love Victoria Fenton

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