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Signature Courses

There is something magic about the combined energy of collective learning & activation, which is why Victoria loves creating supportive frameworks that are in energetic alignment.

Victoria is dedicated to following her intuitive guidance and activating this energy when directed by her Intuition & Guides. This means that you're getting the juiciest magic that is in alignment with what is happening globally and within your own internal world.

*New course content coming soon*

Highly Recommended Past Courses...

Let Victoria know if you're interested in the next round of any of these courses and you'll be put on a waiting list for when they are next released.


The Mystic Within

The Mystic Within is a remembering of all it is you’re here to be.


It is a practical and fun exploration of your unique skills, wisdom from past lives and practical tools to have you building a deeper trust in your abilities to receive information in new ways.


Wolf Pack

Awakening the Wayshower Within.

A 6 month advanced journey consisting of fortnightly tribe healing calls & monthly 1:1 healing sessions to activate and embody your true magnificence.

Covering areas such as authenticity, self sabotage, healing activations and more..

becoming you2.png

Becoming YOU2

30 Days of self-paced coaching content to align with your own unique path to greatness.

Moving through blocks to create your ideal reality in all areas of your life, so that you can live the life you desire.

Reality Creation 2.0

"The Mystic Within offered space for me to open my
heart to new levels of love, journey's to incredible
places, and greater trust in the mystic within each of
us, Grateful beyond words for the past 6 months.
Thank you xx"

"... it’s interesting because I didn’t really associate it with the wolf pack stuff but how funny I had separated it to be this thing happened in this space (pointing outside of me) instead of realising it was all part of everything (pointing at me)

I love this work!"

"I feel like this course is the perfect remedy for my mind already so happy I jumped on board ...."

Baroque Staircase

Are you being asked to activate your light more powerfully now?

I've got you covered with the sacred space of soul ceremony and activation...

1:1 Pilgrimage of the Soul

This one-on-one signature program is for the light keepers of this world. Those who feel the sacred calling to shine their light and support others to do the same. Those who desire to be activated in a way which ignites the evolution of your soul as an offering for humanity.


This is Custom designed, soul-led coaching & healing that incorporates all of my tools & insights to support you across all areas of your life...

Whether it's seeking support in your soul-led business, coming up against old patterns & beliefs that aren't serving you, or just looking for more magic in your life- we'll find the perfect pathway for you to be activated in true soul alignment.

Together we'll walk this holy path in sacred communion of your unique essence and that next level version of you wishing to be birthed into reality...

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