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Healing US2

with Victoria Fenton

Do you find that often your inner voices don't support you in being your best self, or perhaps you're finally ready to heal the relationship between your inner child and inner parent? This masterclass is for YOU! Create inner peace and tune into your personal power through healing US2. 

What will I learn in the Healing US2 Masterclass?

  • understand the parts of your mind or ego

  • learn about the inner child and inner parent dynamic

  • the role of the inner child

  • the role of the inner parent

  • how to know and provide the needs of the inner child

  • how to heal the fears and limiting beliefs of the inner parent

  • how to become the kind of parent to your inner child that you wished you had growing up

  • heal the relationship between these two powerful parts of your subconscious mind

  • heal old childhood wounds once and for all

  • what happens when they work together

  • how healing this inner relationship results in the healing of your outer relationships

  • become a better partner, parent, friend, etc.

  • how healing this inner relationship strengthens your connection to God or Universal support

  • how healing this inner relationship removes  resistance to change and adopting new habits

  • find your power and confidence

  • find your alignment, focus, and momentum to create the life and the relationships you desire

  • remove drama and dramatic overreactions from your life

  • step into emotional peace and stability

30 Days of Magic

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