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Victoria Fenton
is a gifted Intuitive Guide, Reiki Master,
Retreat Leader
& more...

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Do you ever wish you had a crystal ball (like a high tech version of the magic 8 ball you were obsessed with growing up) that told you exactly what was going on, gave you the next steps and supported you with all aspects of your life?

It would be so much easier to trust.

To take the next steps

To create a life that feels really fucking aligned!


What if that crystal ball was YOU?


I help you become your own Oracle.

And in the moments where you feel too close to see the bigger picture, I help you decipher what's really going on- in this world and in other time-space dimensions.

Hey Gorgeous,

Thank you for following that nudge and meeting me here...


My name is Victoria and I'm the creator of this intentionally love-filled/ reiki-infused space.


I'm an Aquarius angel, with Aries moon fire and a deeply loving Cancer streak. This means that I see the world from an expanded perspective, offering a unique roadmap for your highest soul evolution. My fire energy has stuck patterns and beliefs dissolving with ease- I love to move quickly in the spirit realms! And you will feel deeply loved and held as we journey together.

As a Projector (HD) I love nothing more than seeing the infinite magnificence of you and reflecting it back for you to see too!

I teach others to connect to their truth and live an intuitive life with the support of the Spirit realms. I want nothing more than for you to feel fully supported ALWAYS!

I'm an eternal optimist who's not afraid to go to the depths (because I always know there's light on the other side!) and I want to help you move through both realms with more ease.

I am committed to working with my soulmate clients- those who feel the spark and trust their gut in order to say YES. The ones who acknowledge their power in creating their own realities. The ones who want more...

I amplify the light of our light keepers; those who are here to envision a greater story for humanity. The souls who are willing to cut the ties to old stories and patterns that keep them small. The people who are ready to experience the magic and mystery of this sacred life in divine trust.

How I got here...


I have spent more than 15 years fine-tuning my intuition and skills. I am a qualified Reiki & Seichem Master, Health Coach, Hypnotherapist, Pranic Healer and Women's Circle leader.

I have worked in the teaching realms for over 13 years, guiding and supporting others in areas such as reiki, meditation, intuition, autism and early childhood development. These experiences allow me to quickly find the precise way that certain information and frequencies will best be integrated for you.

I am experienced in connecting with the Spirit realms, having trained for many years as a Psychic Medium. I see, feel, hear and know beyond what is physically perceptible. This helps me to connect to your spiritual support team and assist you in connecting with them too. I know your soul truth and am able to guide you into alignment with more ease.

I use a combination of all of these skills, as well as everything I'm learning along the way, to support you while you transform your life! (Because we're all just butterflies in the making)


Now that you know about me, I'd love to get to know you!

IG is also a great way for us to connect!

Pink Gradient

You whisper to my soul every time we connect Victoria, and I love it!

It’s part of your special kind of magic.


Anyone reading this who hasn’t had the experience of Victoria’s incredible way of seeing you with nothing but the eyes of love and acceptance would be doing themselves a favour by booking in.


I’m forever grateful to say I am someone who’s been blessed by Victoria’s divine presence and guidance in my life for years and know just how powerful her magic is.


Sound Healer, Star Seed, Grid Worker, CEO of Raise your Frequency (Quantum Frequency tools for Ascension)

1:1 Client and Soul Sister

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