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Victoria Fenton

Intuitive Guide



Rock Maze

Hello dear heart,

I believe that we are all our own greatest healers and I am simply here to walk this path with you...

To offer my wisdom and help you remember the truth of your heart and soul in this lifetime. To provide grounded strategies to align with this truth. To reflect your magic back to you time and time again.

It is your divine birthright to live a sacred and fulfilling life and it is my passion and privilege to help guide and cheer you on in this journey.


"A nudge from my intuition guided me towards Victoria's services and wow, I'm forever grateful I listened!


So much loving energy has entered my life in a short space of time. The first time we connected via zoom there was this powerful loving healing energy! 


Victoria is definitely a healer's healer, every session we go on a beautiful journey where you are blown away with the depth of her knowledge in this industry.


Her connection with her guides is truly beautiful to experience, the information you receive is life-changing.


Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your support and being part of my journey, looking forward to our next session".

- Shonny, 1:1 & Mystic Within client


Activate the Mystic Within

"Victoria has an amazing gift - she has the capacity to generate a field of love for you to step into. From this space, she tunes into what spirit is wanting to share and assists you with the uncoiling of untruths, stuck energies and old patterns.


Her insight is a finely tuned stream of wisdom through the lens of unconditional love. Her voice is soothing, nourishing and nurturing.  


As a multi-dimensional practitioner, Victoria assisted me with shifting ancestral ties, archaic programs and agreements. She is very effective at getting to the root of the issue and is committed to do so.


I highly recommend her energetic facilitation to anyone who is requiring additional support".


-Renee, 1:1 client


How we can work together

Courses, Retreats, Signature Programs & More...


Custom designed, soul-led coaching & healing that incorporates all of Victoria's extensive skills & knowledge to support you in all areas of your life...